4EK606 Multiple Criteria Decision Making

Aims of the course:

The aim of the course is to explain to students the possibilities of modeling decision-making situations with the existence of multiple evaluation criteria. Explain the possibilities of solving multicriteria evaluation tasks and multicriteria programming tasks. Show the possibilities of applications of explained models and methods of multicriteria decision-making.

Learning outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to create models of multicriteria decision-making situations, analyze them, select a suitable method of solution and find appropriate solutions.

Course contents:

The content includes the classification of decision situations, defining the model of multicriteria evaluation of alternatives and the model of multicriteria programming, classification of additional information for the solution, description of corresponding solution methods for available additional information, and examples of applications of models and methods.

Basic concepts of multicriteria decision making:

  • Formulation of selected tasks of multicriteria decision making
  • Modeling user preferences
  • Tasks of multicriteria evaluation of alternatives
  • Methods with information on aspiration levels of criteria
  • Methods with ordinal information about criteria
  • Methods with cardinal information about the criteria
  • Methods based on evaluation preference relations
  • Case studies of multi-criteria evaluation of alternatives
  • Multicriteria programming tasks
  • Properties of a set of non-dominated decisions
  • Methods with a priori information
  • Methods with progressive information – interactive methods
  • Methods with a posteriori information
  • Case studies of multicriteria programming