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3.9.2018 - 5.9.2018 - Seznamovací kurz 1. termín

5.9.2018 - 7.9.2018 - Seznamovací kurz 2. termín

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The beginnings of mathematical modelling of economic phenomena can be found in the very early stages of classical political economy development. English scholar William Petty (1623-1687) emphasised measurement of values and schematic modelling of relationships between them in his study of national economy…

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Address: University of Economics, Prague
W. Churchill Sq. 4
130 67 Prague 3
Phone: 224 095 423

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Partnership with the prestigious software company in the field of mathematical modelling

Xpress-MP Suite
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University of Economics in Prague usesSimio simulation softwareunder a grant from Simio LLC.