4EK603 Project Management

Aims of the course:

This course teaches how to manage project of new product development from an interdisciplinary perspective. You will learn how to effectively integrate strategy, marketing, design, and manufacturing decisions not only by discussing state-of-the-art frameworks/tools for effective project development in large organizations but also by developing a new product or service idea in a course project.

Learning outcomes and competences:

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to use the following benefits:

  • Comprehension of the managerial and operational challenges associated with each stage of the project process
  • Proficiency with a set of managerial tools and methods for effective product and service development
  • Recognition of the role of multiple disciplines in developing new products and services and the need for their successful integration

Course contents:

Session 1: Introduction to Project Management
Session 2: Project Planning Development Economics
Session 3: Project Control
Session 4: Project Documentation and Reporting
Session 5: Activity Scheduling
Session 6: Project Staffing
Session 7: Managing Strategic Project Portfolios
Session 8: Capacity Management of Multiple Projects
Session 9: Overlapping Multiple Stages of Project
Session 10: Managing Complexity in Large Projects
Session 11: Organizational Management in Project Management
Session 12: Product Development Strategy
Session 13: Innovation Diffusion in New Project
Session 14: Outsourcing Project Management
Session 15: Measuring Project Performance
Session 16: R&D Project Evaluation and Real Options
Session 17: Technology Push Project