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There is one master’s specialization guaranteed by the department of econometrics – Econometrics and Operations Research. Courses of this specialization are taught in Czech. The recommended study plan is as follows:

Econometrics and Operations Research

Course name Ident ECTS
Recommended period
1. 2. 3. 4.
major specialization obligatory courses 48
Economics II.
Intermediate Economics *
6 X
Simulation Models 4EK412 6 X
Nonlinear Models 4EK413 6 X
Discrete Models 4EK314 6 X
Decision Theory 4EK415 9 X
Theory of Games and Economic Decisions 4EK421 6 X
Econometrics 4EK416 6 X
Seminar 4EK414 3 X
major specialization facultative courses 18
12 6
Economic Statistics 4ES411 6
Models of Economic and Financial Time Series 4ST432 6
Models of Production Systems 4EK425 6
Case Studies in Operations Research 4EK321 6
Statistical Methods 2 4ST302 6
System of National Accounts and Analyses * 4ES409
Information and Inference Theory 4IZ410 6
Sampling Theory and Methods 4ST413 6
Introduction to Artificial Inteligence 4IZ229 5
Multidimensional Statistics 4ST512 6
minor specialization courses 30 10 10 10

* Student can study only one of these courses.