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  • Mathematical economics is a set of quantitative methods of modern economic theory that capture mathematical problems of economic balance.
  • Econometrics is a discipline that uses economic, mathematical, and statistical methods for searching, measuring, and verification in inter-relationships between economic variables.
  • Structural analysis is a method for analysis of links between elements of a particular economic system and their linkage between the system and surroundings.
  • Linear programming deals with problems of formulation and solution of mathematical models that are linear, static and deterministic, and that represent the observed dependence by using linear functions.
  • Queuing theory quantitatively examines processes in which particular units might accumulate due to limited capacity of service.
  • Inventory theory is used to optimize the management for the processes of creating, completing, maintaining and drawing stocks.
  • Game theory deals with the classification and modeling of conflict situations and searching for optimal strategic processes in different types of situations. It is closely related to the oligopoly theory.
  • Dynamic programming is a special technique for searching of extremes, which converts multi-object problems into maller sub-problems.
  • Network analysis is a class of models and methods based on the graphic expression of complex projects and deals with analysis of these projects in terms of time, cost or resources.
  • Integer programming introduces the constraints for integer values to the linear programming. The variable can take only the values 0 or 1 for bivalent values.
  • Multi-objective optimization seeks compromise solution in decision-making situations that are constrained by several evaluation criteria.
  • Simulation models deal with complex dynamic structure models of probabilistic systems that are analytically intractable. Results are obtained by computer experimentation with the model.